Frequently Asked Fuel Oil Questions

Your Fuel Oil Questions answered by Speedway Fuel Services.

Below you will find a list of Fuel Oil Questions that are frequently asked regarding fuel oil delivery, payment, fuel burners, fuel tanks and same day delivery. We understand this is not a comprehensive document of fuel oil questions and you may not find an answer here. If this is the case you can contact us here.

Q: What is your minimum delivery?
A: Our minimum delivery is 150 gallons.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card.

Q: If I pay with credit card, how will I be charged?
A: After you place your order, you will receive an immediate email receipt for the credit card charge to your account, and can expect a delivery to be made within 3 business days. If you do not receive the email confirmation, don’t assume that the delivery is coming, as there may be a problem with your order. Please contact the office at 267-638-0163.

Q: When will I receive my delivery?
A: Once we receive your order, you will receive a delivery within three business days (holiday and weekends excluded).

Q: What if I run out of oil and need my oil burner started?
A: Our drivers can restart the oil burner if you run out of fuel. You will need to specify that you need the oil burner started at the time you place your order. Our driver will also need access to the unit at the time of delivery. The charge for an oil burner startup is $25. (One of our more common fuel oil questions asked)

Q: What if my tank cannot accommodate the 150 gallon minimum delivery?
A: Any delivery that falls between 100 and 149 gallons will include a surcharge of $25. Any delivery that falls between 50 and 99 gallons will include a surcharge of $50. Any delivery of 49 gallons or less will include a surcharge of $100.

Q: What if the price of oil changes before I receive my oil delivery?
A: You will receive the same price that we quoted when you placed your order.

Q: My tank is located outside, do I have to worry about my fuel gelling in cold weather?
A: For customers with outside tanks, we offer an additive with anti-gelling and water disbursement properties that can help prevent this from happening. If you would like us to add this additive to your fuel, please tell us when you place your order. The rate for the additive is $10. Please keep in mind that the possibility of gelling increases with severe cold weather, and this is never a 100% guarantee.

Q: Do you provide emergency same-day oil deliveries?
A: There may be days that Speedway Fuel Services can accommodate this request, but it will be at the discretion of our office. A special trip charge of $100 may apply. Please contact our office at 267-638-0163.

Q: Do you provide oil burner service?
A: Speedway Fuel Services does not provide heating services, however, you can contact our office at 267-638-0163, and we can recommend service companies in your area.

Q: What if my driveway has snow or ice on it at the time of delivery?
A: Driveways need to be clear of ice and snow to allow our delivery trucks to maneuver safely on your property. Please keep in mind that oil trucks are larger than cars, vans, SUV’s, etc, and require a plowed driveway of at least 9 feet in width.

Q: What if there is a leak to my tank or its associated piping?
A: Speedway Fuel Services is not responsible for any leaks from the oil tank, fittings, or associated piping. If you find you have an issue with your tank system, please contact your oil heat mechanic.

Q: When will I be charged for my delivery?
A: Your credit or debit card is charged when you place your order. If you order a “fill,” your card will be charged for your total tank capacity. Once delivery is made, your credit or debit card account is automatically credited for any gallons that do not fit in your tank. If you order a specific number of gallons (Example: 200 gallons) your credit or debit card will be charged for the amount of your order. Once delivery is made, your account is automatically credited for any gallons that do not fit in your tank. Either way, you only pay for the number of gallons that you receive.

Q: Do I need to be home when my delivery is made?
A: Not usually, as long as the driver has ready access to the fill of your fuel tank. It is necessary for the dealer to inspect the condition of your heating oil tank on the first delivery only. If this applies in your area, and you have a basement or other inside tank, contact our office before your first delivery to make arrangements to do your “first delivery inspection.” There is no cost for this one-time inspection.

Q: How can you offer such low cost heating oil?
A: We have an agreement with respected fuel distributors who have extra delivery capacity.